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Career or College Art Portfolio Prep

Struggling with your art portfolio? Get personalized tips for college or career success

  • 1 hour
  • 50 US dollars
  • Art Mira Studio, Wallington, New Jersey

Service Description

Career or College Art Portfolio Prep Struggling with your art portfolio? Get personalized tips for college or career success. Flexible schedule based on the availability of individual/instructor 12 hours $1200 24 hours $2400 36 hours $3600 I recommend that you select examples of your work that best represent your approach to the visual arts. You will also be expected to present your work in a digital format as well as bring original works to a gallery interview, where possible. In presenting your portfolio, please note that each work should be described with a title (even if “untitled”), medium and dimensions. Number of pieces It is a good idea to include 15 to 20 pieces of work in your portfolio. Less than 10 may not show enough diversity of ideas. More than 20 can become repetitive. Include only your strongest work instead of trying to show everything you’ve done. Color Color can be represented in a variety of ways: in your drawings, paintings, and even in 3-D work. When looking over your portfolio, check to see that you have a variety of color projects examining different color relationships. Composition The way you arrange shapes and forms on a page demonstrates your sense of composition. Even in realistic painting and photographs, the way you choose to crop an image and choose the view shows your compositional skills. Media Your portfolio may consist of any combination of the following: Drawing – Drawing is a way in which visual artists communicate. Your ability to draw should be represented in your portfolio. This should include drawings from observation. Some drawings you might include are those of objects, still lifes, landscapes, self-portraits and/or life drawings. Painting – Painting may include watercolors, oils, acrylics or gouache, separately or in combination. Your paintings may be realistic or abstract but should reflect your ideas about color and composition. Paintings, like drawings, preferably should be original and/or reflect live subject matter. Photography – Photos may be included in your portfolio, especially if photography is an area of interest for you. Be careful not to include snapshots but to think of photography as a compositional way of seeing. Career Art Portfolio (all artworks need to be done on professional canvas ready to go for exhibition) AVOID:Drawing directly from printed photographs,Copied Work,Dated Work Superheroes/Cartoons,Celebrities,Snapshots

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