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Art Mira Studio


" Learn, Create, Grow Your Vision!"


At Art Mira, we believe that art is a journey, not just a product. It's a vibrant community where everyone can express themselves creatively, fostering a lifelong passion for art and nurturing imagination. Our mission is to inspire people to think creatively, find calm, and reimagine their world. We believe that creativity is essential for personal growth, self-discovery, and problem-solving.

Art Mira Studio was founded in 2017 by professional artist Mira Mitrova.

"Art Connects Mind, Body, and Soul"

Artist Mira's mission is to connect people with their inner selves through art, fostering a sense of unity and harmony.

''Artistic Freedom in the Modern World''

My vision is to create structures that promote liberty and freedom of expression in today's consumer-driven society without relying on technology.


About the Founder Mira Mitrova

Mira Mitrova is a prize-winning artist who has exhibited her work throughout the art world including Paris, Berlin and New York.

She is an Macedonian-American painter who lives and works in the New Jersey, USA. 

Infused with the spiritual and an unbreakable connection with the natural world, her canvases capture the wonders of nature, flora and fauna.

She is mostly inspired by the richness of the natural world and the complexities of modern day life, in Elemental Realms give the fullest possible expression to the human delight in exploring the universe and ourselves. 

Continually pushing the boundaries, she is at the forefront of what it means to be creative in our time.

Mira Mitrova vision conceptualizes a communion of surrender and realization. Infused with dreamlike visions of the spiritual and an unbreakable connection with

the natural world, Mira Mitrova’s creations recall subconscious mysteries buried deep in legend and folklore.

Through the use of several different media including graphics, oil painting, acrylic painting and mix media paint, she considers life as a combination of challenge and possibility

In exploring themes such as isolation, imprisonment and commoditization, 

she provides a visual treatise on the human capacity to be proactive in asserting 

spiritual freedom in the face of situational desolation. 

Mira Mitrova was born in the North Macedonia where she studied graphics and graphic design at the Faculty of Fine Arts / Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

In 2004, she was awarded the Macedonian National Award for Poster for the 60th Anniversary of the Republic of Macedonia.

"All rights to reproduction of the work(s) of art identified herein are retained by the Artist: Mira Mitrova /Art Mira LLC.”

Copyright Notice:The sale of original artwork and prints does not include the sale of copyright. 

Mira Mitrova / Art Mira LLC reserved all rights.

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