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Neurographic Abstract Original Fine Art 
Tree Of Life-By Mira Mitrova 
Abstract, Intuitive, Neurographic Style Art

Mira Mitrova is an artist who excels at creating stunning works of Neurographica art. Her project focuses on using the innovative Neurographica technique to depict complex emotions and intricate patterns in her artwork.  Her pieces are a beautiful blend of intricate patterns, bold colors, and flowing lines that draw the viewer in and captivate their imagination. Mira's art is not only visually stunning, but also deeply emotional and thought-provoking, evoking a wide range of feelings and emotions in those who experience it.


Neurographic artworks by Mira Mitrova often resemble neurons and cells, showcasing intricate patterns and connections inspired by the human brain. Mitrova's unique style blends art and science, creating visually stunning pieces that reflect the complexity and beauty of neurological structures. Through her work, she explores the intersection of art and neuroscience, demonstrating the interconnectedness between creativity and the brain.

Art Mira Fine Arts Gallery, an award-winning Art Studio, Art School, and Art Gallery located in Bergen County, Wallington, New Jersey.

Our studio is owned and operated by professional artist Mira Mitrova, where art comes alive! We provide art classes, art restoration, commissioned portraits, original artwork, and gift certificates. Join the Art Mira family and explore your artistic talent with us.

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