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Expressing Emotion through Art

The world is a strange place right now. Downright surreal even. And it’s hard to deny that there are a lot of emotions at play.

Interestingly enough, the Latin roots of the word emotion are e (out) + movere (move). In an ideal world, emotions create feelings that flow naturally. But oftentimes they get dammed up.

Whatever you’re feeling these days, it can be a lot to carry. Expressing emotion through art is an incredible way to release those feelings before they get too deep and begin to create other problems.

Sometimes simply stating what you’re experiencing isn’t in enough.

In order for emotions to move through us freely, they must be accepted and expressed. Doing so enlivens us and fuels our creativity. Fortunately, experiencing emotions directly through art is fairly simple – if you allow for the process.

This could be done drawing, painting, sculpting, music, movement, writing, drama, whatever creative means allows you to open up and bare your soul. You needn’t be talented or skilled at any of these either. They are simply a means for expressing yourself.

And each time you create a work of art, you’re sharing new ideas, as well as different ways to express yourself. This can certainly serve as motivation for others.

Want to Find out More about Expressing Emotion through Art?

At an Art Mira, students are encouraged to grow and flourish by expressing emotion through art in a safe environment.

They learn the value of art and how it applies to every aspect of life. And most of all, they are taught to forget about the naysayers and overcome the obstacles when it comes to self-expression; to always move forward and do what they love.

If you feel like AM could be the perfect place for you, contact us today to find out more. Expressing ourselves is more important now than ever.


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