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Big Secret and the Importance of Art in Your Business

Art is an opportunity for companies to help clients, visitors and employees get to know and get a feel for who the organisation is.

Art in the workplace encourages and promotes social interactions, it stimulates emotional responses and fosters personal relationships.

As the workplace continues its metamorphosis from perhaps a stark cubicle maze to an engaging and comfortable environment, forward thinking companies are constantly looking for ways to revamp and invigorate their new spaces. Including art in the design of your work environment plays a key role in greatly improving client relations and employee morale.

Read on for four points on the importance of art in the branding of a company’s image, creating an inspiring and productive environment for employees and a meaningful first impression on clients.

  1. Increases Productivity: We connect with art because it conjures a memory, emotion, and promotes lateral thinking. In an effort to increase productivity, many companies use art to energize their employees, promote creative thinking and in turn, improve employee retention.

  1. Reduces Stress: Art gives us an escape from daily stress and pressures, giving us a chance to daydream, and in a blink of an eye you are then refreshed in a special way and are re-energized for the rest of the work day.

  2. Client relations: Including original artwork in your commercial design is an important element in creating a professional environment that reflects a company’s image. It’s worth more than “a thousand words” to make that important first impression – one that lasts beyond your daily dealings with clients and associates.

  3. Supporting your community: Celebrating the arts offers businesses the opportunity to support the organizations and people that have such an important social and economic impact on our communities. A public survey found that 52% of respondents “feel more favourably towards businesses that support arts and culture.”

Wondering about tax?

  • Art can be 100% tax-deductible for businesses

  • I am here to answer all tax-related questions and will help you find the solution that best suits your needs.You can take advantage of the tax benefits available for businesses when buying art.


  • 201-657-4999 OR

  • VISIT ART MIRA STUDIO 324 Main Ave, Wallington 07057 New Jersey


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