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Grants for Creative Kids

We've made grants simple, so you can focus 
on making your innovative work

Fall Cycle Now Open for Submissions

Fall Cycle Deadline: Thursday, December 10, 2022


Grants for Creative Kids
supports young artists

age 6 to 16 

Our $150.00 grants act as sparks of financial support that ignite your creative development.

Our grant cycles are open 4 times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) giving you more opportunities to access the support you need.

Our process is simple so you spend less time on the application and more time making your important work.


Simple Process

We believe your work should speak for itself and our grant application reflects that 

Our grant application is straight forward so that you can spend your valuable hours making new work rather than on time-consuming requirements like writing statements, proposals, and obtaining letters of recommendation. 

All that we require is your: 
— Name 
— Email 
— Grant Category (Art) 
— 1 Image of Your Work 
— Application Fee of $25 USD

All that we require is your: 

— Parent Full Name

Child Full Name

— Email 

— Address 

1 Image of Your Child Artwork

all artworks need to be signed

Work Captions

Title, Date, Medium, Dimensions 



send it by email to



— Application Fee of $25 USD


We accept and encourage submissions from applicants 6 years and up,  from around the world within the following  category:


Painting, Drawing,Mixed Media, New Media

How many grant cycles are there per year and when are they open?
Innovate Grant distributes awards each quarter, 4 times a year:
Q1: Winter: Dec, Jan, Feb
Q2: Spring: Mar, Apr, May
Q3: Summer: Jun, Jul, Aug
Q4: Fall: Sept, Oct, Nov

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