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Together We Can Change The World

Let's support our Kids

Free Art Class for Kids

They deserves the chance to be inspired by art! 

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Professional visual artist over 20 years experience from 🇲🇰 lives in 🇺🇸 


Enough is Enough.

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​Let's support our KIDS

Free Art Class for KIDS

They deserves the chance to be inspired by art!

,,Be Real not Robot,,

KIDS will gain access code to  Video Painting Lessons. 

Mira Mitrova mission is to return the feeling and touching for the new generation! Compare REALITY with VIRTUALITY and HUMAN with ROBOT..and decide what is better...?


Mira Mitrova methods are working in the style contributing to the growing efforts to connect with something pure, something true and something free within the human spirit,  joining people in a communication experience to connect with each other. 

 Mira Mitrova is committed to an artistic process for all, through her projects and workshops. ,,Be Real not Robot and Clean your Energy,, 

Mira Mitrova vision conceptualizes a communion of surrender and realization.

Infused with dreamlike visions of the spiritual and an unbreakable 

connection with the natural world.

 In exploring themes such as isolation, imprisonment and commoditization, she provides a visual treatise on the human capacity to be proactive in asserting spiritual freedom in the face of situational desolation

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Artwork by Mira Mitrova

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