From: $50.00
Are you struggling to find the perfect paint color? Do you need help coordinating with your current color scheme? Your choice of color can make or break your space, but finding the right paint color for your home can be intimidating. If you relate to the above then an Interior Color Consultation is for you!
By assessing the current undertones in your home, I can find the color that will work best. Not only do I spend time finding the right color, I also explain why I selected the color. Painting is typically an expensive investment. By getting your color right the first time with a Color Consultation, you won’t have waste any time or money with costly mistakes!
Color is my passion, contact me to get started on an Interior Color Consultation today!
  • This is a Color Consultation for one color for the entire home

    1 hr

    200 US dollars
  • This is a Color Consultation for one room

    1 hr

    75 US dollars
  • This is a Color Consultation for 2 rooms

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • This is a Color Consultation for 3 rooms

    1 hr

    225 US dollars
  • This is a Color Consultation for 4 rooms

    1 hr

    300 US dollars
  • This is a Color Consultation for 5 rooms

    1 hr

    375 US dollars
  • The Accent Wall Color Consultation

    1 hr

    50 US dollars
  • The Bed & Bath Combo Color Consultation

    1 hr

    175 US dollars
From: $50.00

So let’s talk pricing!  


Initial in-home consultation (30 minutes) – $100


Want me to see a room that needs artwork?  Have ideas for a space but need help to get the process started?


Did you just move?  Having trouble figuring out where your existing pieces are best displayed in a new space?

The first step is having me out to your home!  We can discuss your ideas, design style, room function, price point, proper size, and/or whether a piece needs framing.


One quick note: this package does not include the price of the framing itself

On-line research – $50 flat rate (per piece)


Let me find the perfect piece for your space!  From original paintings on a gallery’s website to limited edition prints from an on-line design marketplace, there are A LOT of options out there!  Let me do the research for you.  I can present you with a curated selection that work with any budget!


My Art Studio Visit – Free


Are you thinking about an original piece of artwork but don’t know where to begin?


My Art Studio perfect way to learn about what type of art speaks to you – there is no better way to feel a connection to a particular artwork than when you are standing before it in person.

 Together we can discuss mediums, size. 

This may be a starting off point for a future acquisition or you may be ready to purchase a piece that day

***The pricing mentioned above is meant to offer a framework for my services.  Please keep in mind that every job is custom and sometimes prices may vary to reflect your particular needs.***  

I offer more than 200 designs of my artworks also I have connections with artists...that is the best way to have cheaper paintings.

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