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      • ​Wall Design 

      ​• Art Solutions

      • Customized Artwork

      • Custom Wall Murals

      • Inspirational Concepts

      • Customized Home Decor

      • Original Art- By Mira

      • Unique Wall Paint

      • Graphic Design

      • Delivery and Installation

      • Budgeting


Wall Paint





Our ART-MIRA team will review the interior designer’s vision to best understand

the aims and ideas for the project.






ART-MIRA will present inspiration concepts and alternative ideas for the project.  Sketching, Budgeting,and new art methods are all discussed in this phase of the project. We bring a range of creative options with hands on presentations to see,  discuss and consider how different pieces can work in your space. Cooperation and communication underline this phase.







We provide your team with  samples of all art pieces, on all mediums for consideration and approval before full production. Discussion and feedback take place to ensure all installations meet the brief and goals of the project. Once approved, we begin implementation and turn your space into a stunning immersive. experience.