I presents fine entanglements of the trees and the flora with the whole nature itself (specially with the flora).

Created is an inspiring and challenging aiming at presentation of our positioning in the jungle of situations and possibilities, grown up with the rapidly changing modern life.

Infused with dreamlike visions of the spiritual and an unbreakable 

connection with the natural world, Mira Mitrova’s creations recall subconscious mysteries buried deep in legend and folklore.




Original handmade mix media painting on canvas paper by brush, india ink, markers, oil pastels and traditional pen and bamboo

*Style: Modern, Abstract

Trees II

  • Are the artworks available as prints?

    All the works on Mira Mitrova are original artworks; I can reproduced limited editions Prints on Canvas paper or Canvas 

    (all mateirials are ECO) are published by the artist


    What is an edition?

    An edition is when there are several copies of a work, such as in artworks. An edition is the specific number of copies that has been created by the artist before the first sale, and this number will not change.  An established artist generally has an edition size of about 10 while a young artist may have a larger edition size. In general, the smaller the edition size, the higher the price.


    Is a certificate of authenticity provided?

    All artworks for sale on Mira Mitrova come with a certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist. Furthermore, all editions (prints ) are numbered and signed by the artist.

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