Live Event Painting

Contact Me

Send me a message with your date and location to see if I am available to paint your special day! I will send you back a customized quote.

The price for a single live painting usually ranges between $1,600-$3200 and varies based on size, weekday, time of year and location. 

Book It

Don’t let someone else take your date! A 25% deposit is required to reserve the date of your event and we both sign a contract. I have a questionnaire that I send to you several weeks prior to the wedding. In there, you will be able to specify who you want in the painting, as well as any key features of your event and venue that you want included in the final painting.

On the Big Day

I arrive 2-3 hours prior to your event. I set up and start painting the background elements. While I paint, I will interact with your guests as they watch the painting develop. The painting will be close to being done at the end of the event. After the event, I take the art to my studio where I place the finishing touches. I will email you a photo of the painting for approval.


Once the painting is finished it will be either hand-delivered or shipped to you. I will give you tracking details in advance.