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Dots Profile

Mira Mitrova is using her art to raise awareness of this important issue.

Dots profile is an important innovative art project that highlights a serious problem with Instagram.


Fake accounts are a major issue on the platform, and they can have a negative impact on businesses that are trying to use Instagram to advertise.

When businesses pay to advertise on Instagram, they are hoping to reach real people who are interested in their products or services. However, if a significant portion of the platform's users are fake accounts, then businesses are essentially wasting their time and money.

Instagram needs to take steps to address the problem of fake accounts. The company could start by implementing more rigorous verification procedures for new accounts. Instagram could also invest in more sophisticated algorithms to identify and remove fake accounts.

Dots profile is an art project by Mira Mitrova that represents fake users on Instagram and wants to change the way Instagram works to focus on quality over fake people.

The project consists of a series of Instagram accounts that are filled with nothing but dots. The dots are arranged in different ways to create images that are both visually appealing and thought-provoking. For example, one image shows a face made up of dot.

The Dots profile is a commentary on the way that Instagram has become obsessed with fake followers and likes. Many people use Instagram to create a false image of their lives, and the Dots profile challenges this by showing that it is possible to be successful on Instagram without having a large number of followers or likes.

The project also aims to start a conversation about the way that Instagram uses algorithms to promote certain content. The Dots profile is not designed to be popular, but it is still able to reach a large audience because it is different and interesting. This suggests that Instagram's algorithms are not always effective at promoting high-quality content.

Overall, the Dots profile is a clever and thought-provoking art project that challenges the way we use Instagram. It is a reminder that we should not be fooled by the fake images that we see on social media, and that we should focus on quality over quantity.


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