Mira Mitrova mission is to return the feeling and touching for the new generation! Compare REALITY with VIRTUALITY and HUMAN with ROBOT..and decide what is better...?


Mira Mitrova methods are working in the style contributing to the growing efforts to connect with something pure, something true and something free within the human spirit,  joining people in a communication experience to connect with each other. 

Encourage Self Expression in a world of virtuality, bullies, pressure and stress to fit in, art can become one of the perfect outlets to combat these issues in not only children, but in adults as well. Art provides a calmness along with a sound sense of self esteem.


 Mira Mitrova is committed to an artistic process for all, through her projects and workshops. ,,Be Real not Robot and Clean your Energy,, workshops are open to everybody.

Individuals wiil learn to creating free style artwork on canvas use difrent tools that they can identify what makes them well and then use their own Tools to relieve difficult feelings and a higher quality of life. 

The result has been recovery and long-term stability. 




Mira Mitrova 


Mira Mitrova vision conceptualizes a communion of surrender and realization.

Infused with dreamlike visions of the spiritual and an unbreakable 

connection with the natural world, Mira Mitrova’s creations recall subconscious mysteries buried deep in legend and folklore.

Through the use of several different media including graphics, oil painting, acrylic painting, mix media painting and photography, she considers life as a combination of challenge and possibility. In exploring themes such as isolation, imprisonment and commoditization, she provides a visual treatise on the human capacity to be proactive in asserting spiritual freedom in the face of situational desolation. She uses shadow and light to echo the inherentcontrasts of the human condition, while texture and line provide a neo-surrealistic  take on the mechanics of the improbable. The culture of her native Macedonia provides a foundation for the affecting quality of her work, but her artistic lens is thoroughly modern.

. Renowned throughout her native Macedonia, where she studied graphic arts at the Sts Cyril and Methodius University, Mira Mitrova was awarded national honors for her visually captivating poster designs.
Now living in NJ, she has received international recognition in recent years with exhibitions throughout the art world including Paris, Berlin and

New York. 



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